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While conversation with various scholars who have successfully completed their PhD I found the main reason of Why the dissertations get rejected and the proper attention that should be taken into account for the dissertations to fail is the not being there of the professional tutoring, and there being a sad quality of dissertation writing services. As per some or specific interviews in leading colleges, the chances of failure of approval of Ph.D. thesis goes
Thesis and dissertation
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Get to about “how to write a thesis statement” What is the meaning of a thesis statement? All of us somehow subconsciously start looking quick and fast in an article for 1-2 sentences and towards shortening of the statement or discussion that ensues. We may name that statement condensation as a dissertation line or thesis statement. While reading the article further you will get to know why it is important to know about¬†how to write
Thesis and dissertation
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Things to Remember before writing a research paper
Hello everyone,Here we are discussing about things to remember before writing a research paper. Whenever we start with our research paper writing work first thing comes is our motive behind the research work. The ordinary and the most common way adopted by the authors is collecting data from different journals and writing it in their own words to have no worries of plagiarism issues. But this procedure makes the readers of research papers feel yarn
Research paper Writing
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How to write a research paper
It is difficult to find a new research area to know how to write a research paper but if you find it, it is very essential. You can ask your instructor for it but they will prefer to search by yourself. But there are some tips to keep in mind, before deciding it: Work on your ideas regularly. Choose a topic that are referable. You can find the topic material easily and manage it properly.
Research Paper
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