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Getting your PhD degree is a lengthy process. Nevertheless, phd assistance will be requiredat every step of your journey. For instance- 

  • Topic selection,
  • Thesis writing,
  • Research paper writing, 
  • Publication.
phd assistance

 PhD assistance is essential for giving shape to your desire. Let me break it to you- an expert is required to make your dreams come true. Isn’t so? Indeed, to turn it into a child’s play for you. Finally, to present it in a précised and transparent manner to get the reader’s attention. So, identifying it’s worth in the initial stage will be a profitable investment. 

Have you ever noticed that why you fail to get your thesis passed in the first attempt? Of course, due to lack of guidance. I recommend, don’t feel shy while going for thesis writing assistance. As it is the only weapon that can bring your thesis, writing struggles to an end.

PhD assistance -synopsis format for Indian universities-

Let me first make you clear about what is a synopsis? In brief, you can say it a summary of your research report. I repeat “you can say”. There is a significant difference between the two. A summary highlights the main points about something. On the same token, a synopsis stands as a short description of the most important topic. Be smart to feel the difference. 

An Instance of the synopsis sentence- my mentor responded that my five pages of the PhD research report is too long for a synopsis. A PhD synopsis for Indian universities has a format which includes-

  • Title- A source for reflecting the objectives of your study. Needless to say, that phd thesis structure is as essential as the wordings of your PhD thesis. Indian universities suggest placing the heading at the end of the whole synopsis. 
  • Introduction: A intro must represent the background of your selected topic.
  • Review of literature
  • Objectives are to be specified for your hypotheses and work.
  • A work plan or your methodology
  • Reference or bibliography
  • Last but not least – Conclusion for highlighting the limitations and scope of your study.

Single spaced synopsis is always acceptable. If words limits not mentioned, it’s better to write it of 1-2 pages (i.e. 500 to 1000 words) in your first attempt. PhD assistance given by your guide ,If advised to run longer your synopsis, don’t forget to apply the formula of single-spaced for making it easily acceptable.

Characteristics and format of thesis guidelines for phd-

I agree with you that getting a PhD degree is a hectic task. However, don’t you think that formatting each chapter of a PhD thesis will make it more hectic? Of course, and to make it enjoyable, prepare general style-sheets before inserting the text into pre-defined files.

  • Paper format: A4 standard format is advised to be used. Set the margins of equal length (2.5 cm) all around (left, right, top, and bottom). 
  • Font: No issues, whatever font you choose, make it sure that it provides a full character set.
  • Line spacing, and size- 12 point character for text and 1.5 for line spacing are specified as an ideal measurement for a PhD thesis.
  • Pictures and tables- No doubt, that picture speak louder than words. Be sober, don’t use colours or don’t divide your topic or picture into different pages. Insert them directly where they belong in your text.
  • Pagination: The text is to be appropriately paginated for saving your extra efforts.
  • Title pages: Specific templates are to be used for producing first-two title pages. Don’t forget to go for paragraph formatting and font type.
  • Language correction is a must- Thesis if submitted for language correction than they must specify it on the first page of their final draft.
  • Thesis abstract- After the title page, and before the table of contents, don’t forget to attach the thesis abstract. In simple words, a summary of your thesis up to 300 words.
  • Table of contents

Note: The final title of the thesis and PhD assistance has to be agreed by you upon together with your supervisor.

Structure of PhD thesis-

No doubt that writing a PhD thesis is not child’s play. It takes a longer time as it is the backbone of your PhD degree. For example,- you can take around 18 months for your writing process. Needless to say, that in this long journey, you will try your best for getting a phd assistance . Consequently, for ignoring unnecessary efforts afterwards. I bet, that phd guidance and assistance will prove as a trump card for your bright future.

You can prepare your PhD thesis in the manuscript, or in traditional thesis format as specified. 

  • Traditional thesis format: The format consists of general discussion, description of the material, and methods. Literature review, presentation of results and, a general introduction
  • Manuscript format: On the same token, the main chapters are written in manuscript format.

NOTE- The phd thesis structure will be the same either going for qualitative or for a quantitative study. 

Research paper writing assistance in India-

Writing up research papers is compulsory by many PhD courses for attaining your degree. On the other hand, the task is optional for other courses. I think that preparing a manuscript in compliance with requirements, and standards is a tough challenge. What about you? phd assistance by Academic Guru in India can solve your trouble to a great extent. The service, besides keeping your research paper meaningful, keeps it pitchy. Have a look at some basic services-

  • Choosing a topic: Writing services will help in choosing a topic that is interesting, relevant, viable, and assists in academic growth.
  • Preparing a research design: Aspects like decision making, method of collection, sources and, reference will be included in your design.
  • Writing reviews of the literature: Makes you sure that citations you provided for reference are made in the correct style.
  • Preparing the abstract- A summary for judging the quality of your paper. Writing service helps you to come up with an abstract that states your research methods, objectives, and focuses on the importance of conducting the study.
  • Conduct analysis- To ensure 100% accuracy of your research report.

24*7 thesis writing assistance are available in India for you by AcademicGuru24X7. You are your boss here, and free from building your schedule as per another’s time for thesis writing. For completion of your work in a given time period, I recommend following a proper phd synopsis format for Indian universities. The rest choice is yours.

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